our beliefs & commitments

to quality

all sweets & treats are made from the best available ingredients.

we produce in small batches to ensure uniformity & high quality.

everything is handmade & not too sweet, to leave you wanting more

we start with raw lotus seeds
raw lotus seeds 
caramelized pineapple filling 

to freshness

 all items are made to order & fresh.
always artisanally crafted & handmade,
with 人情味 / a personal touch.

no additional preservatives are used

to sustainability

all items are made to order to reduce excess in raw ingredients & final product.

electricity for baking is sourced from CleanChoice Energy, who supplies the grid with 100% wind/solar energy.

all packaging is either compostable or recyclable and 100% eco-friendly

butter mochi 
ruby jade mooncakes

to diversity, equity, & inclusivity

we don't always get things right & we're here to learn.

we'll dedicate a small portion of our profits to social justice causes & education, & will increase our contributions commensurately as we grow

 to respond

you are important to us! we will respond in a timely manner to your inquiry.
currently, we're a small team - thanks in advance for your patience!