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jan 2024

dear bang’n you family –


happy new year! i hope that you had a joyous & restful holiday season, and you were able to spend it with friends and family.


a new year leads to new beginnings, and that’s no different for us here! the last half year of 2023 brought about a few, but significant, changes for us, including the quest for establishing a new kitchen and, on a more personal level, the start of a new career in a completely new field. the latter has been equally thrilling, challenging, and is an incredible growing experience. likewise, there have been challenges with finding a new kitchen and, while we were close, the combination of the bakery setup and the new, full-time career weighed heavily mentally and emotionally.


after a lot of reflection, especially in the past two months, i have decided to pause our operations as an online bakery for at least through 2024. it’s an opportunity for us as a business to figure out what we can pivot to next as a food business (we already have a few ideas that we’re working on) and we hope to continue bringing you our food creations, in one form or another.


what started out as a passion project could not have gotten this far without your support over these past two years. we never expected to be a vendor at one of the larger farmers’ markets in the area nor be one of the featured guests at the DC Chinese American museum only 1 year into business! i’m so grateful to have met many of you in person and to have brought delight in your lives and the lives of your loved ones through our creations. thank you so much for your encouragement all this time.


so, this is definitely not a farewell – instead, it is a “see you soon” and i’m excited for you to find out what we do next! if you have ideas, thoughts for our next steps, or even to just say hi any time, please never hesitate to reach out! and, please stay in touch with us through our instagram page!


ta ta for now,


Sun, 07 Jan 2024

sep 2023

hi friends!


i hope you’ve had a great summer and, while hot, you were able to stay cool and relax.


quick update on our part: we are really close to securing a kitchen and are close to getting the necessary paperwork signed and submitted to the local health department. we are thrilled to be working with our new facility partner, and we couldn’t have done it without Homecook, a dc-based start-up that provides assistance and connections to help home-based chefs grow and expand, for helping us find our new commissary and to Homemade in DC for connecting us. we wouldn’t be able to get this far without their help and are truly grateful.


that said, our timing for mid-autumn festival won’t work out this holiday given the necessary things that we still need to get through for full licensing. our revised plan is to stage and acclimate ourselves to the new kitchen in preparation for November and December. all the flavors that we had reworked and improved on may be available during Nov & Dec – would you be interested? (please fill out this quick yes/no survey here!)


we’re sad that we won’t be able to be a part of your mid-autumn celebration this year, but look forward to being a part of your dessert and snacking in the coming months! please keep an eye out to our website and instagram page for continued updates.


as always, thank you for your continued support!

Fri, 15 Sep 2023

jul 2023

hi friends!


happy July – we hope your summer is off to a great start!


our original plan this month was to introduce some new, summer flavors and products. but our plans were hijacked and we are in the process of looking for a new kitchen facility to use. it’s always daunting facing big setbacks, and likewise as difficult to be admitting it and telling others about it!


right now, our top priority is to focus on finding a new rental kitchen partner and to re-register with the health department. we hope to be set up at the new location, in time for the Mid-Autumn Festival.


while we’re optimistic, this is a substantial hurdle that we’re trying to overcome in time for September. if you have any tips or network leads that might help us to find and establish our new kitchen, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


we will keep you updated as we make progress – thank you for your patience and for your continued support!

Mon, 03 Jul 2023

jun 2023 

happy Pride 2023!


to kick off pride month, we will be donating a portion of our profits to the Trevor Project to help the LGBTQ+ youth. this month, we will be doing new items: snowflake QQ crisp and a taro sweetheart cake!


we literally had a menu planned and just switched it all up. over this weekend, a close friend shared a sweet with us, and it was absolutely delicious. of Taiwanese origin, this snowflake QQ crisp (QQ ) is a relatively new food fad in Taiwan. it’s a milky nougat with salted biscuit (cracker) pieces and dried fruit. with our version, it has a melt-in-your-mouth & milky flavor, with a chewy & bouncy (QQ) texture. the salted, buttery biscuit pieces are crispy and counterbalance the sweetness. fruit perforating the nougat gives it brightness with a touch of acidity. unlike what we usually make, this is a candy and it’s a bit sweeter (it also contains gelatin, as a heads up for our vegan/vegetarian customers!). 


a taro sweetheart cake is perhaps the most traditional of the sweetheart cake flavors, and it’s the first time we’re making it! if you haven’t had any of our sweetheart cakes before, the pastry is a soft flaky and complements the rich taro paste. accentuated with notes of coconut, this is vegan & vegetarian friendly!


ordering for June opens on Jun 01 at noon EST and we offer shipping and delivery, in addition to picking up in North Bethesda. fulfillment will take place during the second half of the week of Jun 12. you can find more information at our website at http://bangnyou.com and our order page at http://bangnyou.square.site.


as always, thank you for your support!


Thurs, 01 Jun 2023 

may 2023

this May brings so many upcoming notable events! it’s Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month! mother’s day is on May 14 (don’t forget!)!  also, just as importantly for us video game geeks, tears of the kingdom, the long-awaited sequel to zelda: breath of the wild, will be released! (Nintendo, please sponsor us)


one of my fondest memories of our Popo (maternal grandmother) is the tea that she drank, a jasmine green tea, whenever we would visit her as kids. it was fragrant and always a little oversteeped – where you could taste the bitterness. it’s representative of the hardships she faced - she had established a new home, a thriving medicinal herb business, and begun raising her nine (!) children when she had to flee with her family from the communist party. they got lost at sea during their escape and were brought to Malaysia’s refugee camps before becoming naturalized us citizens. growing up, there was always a language barrier between us, but i came to learn that our mom’s strength was learned from Popo – they did what was necessary to ensure that her family got what they needed to thrive. i’m so grateful for their love, resilience, and grit.


this mother’s day and AAPIHM, our menu honors Popo and her fondness of green tea and jasmine green tea, in particular. our mooncake of the month is a pistachio matcha mooncake – a delicately paired set of flavors that complement each other. the toasted pistachio paste is aromatic and sweet; matcha gives the mooncake a light green tint and a pleasantly grassy flavor. married together, these flavors accentuate the vegetal notes of the nutty pistachio.


our second item offered is a genmaicha crisp. flavored with jasmine green tea and toasted rice kernels, it imparts warm rice notes to the green tea flavor. this crisp will have nuts and dried fruit, and is a perfect accompaniment for your spring picnicking, winery visits with charcuterie boards, and the cuppa tea.


ordering for May opens on Apr 27 at noon and we offer shipping and delivery, in addition to picking up in North Bethesda. you can find more information at our website at http://bangnyou.com and our order page at http://bangnyou.square.site.

as always, thank you for your support!


Thurs, 27 Apr 2023 

apr 2023

hey friends!


happy April – we hope you’ve had the chance to shake off the winter hibernation blues and are ready to emerge with the springtime warmth just around the corner! with the cherry blossoms in full bloom here in the dc area, we know that’s a definite sign of the short spring that we usually get, accompanied with all other signs of emerging spring life (like, pollen, yay)!


we’re opening our April order form on Thursday, March 30 at noon EST! the order form can be found here at http://bangnyou.square.site or at the 'order' link above.


speaking of cherry blossoms, we’re trying a new flavored mooncake this month! inspired by Japanese and Korean desserts, this mooncake combines the flavors of adzuki bean paste and kinako, or roasted soybean powder. we’ve incorporated kinako into the crust, imparting subtly warm, nutty flavor contrasting our slightly sweetened, velvety bean paste. this mooncake is also vegan!


we’re also offering our Taiwanese pineapple tarts again this month! if you haven’t tried it, it’s our rich, buttery, and slightly savory short crust wrapped around our caramelized pineapple, fruit-forward, and slightly tart filling. for both products, we’re offering shipping and delivery options across the us, and our fulfillment dates will be by the weekend of April 14th.

as always, thank you for your continued support! 

Wed, 29 Mar 2023

mar 2023

we're taking a baking break for March! we'll be back on March 30 to open our upcoming order form for April! click here for a calendar reminder for our next order form!

alt text: we're taking a baking break for March! we'll be back on March 30 to open our upcoming order form for April! click here for a calendar reminder for our next order form!

Wed, 08 Feb 2023

feb 2023

thanks for your patience with the delayed order form for February – it is up now and ready to take your orders!


it’s unusual for us to be broadcasting another order form so quickly after the lunar new year, which has already brought us to the Lantern Festival and Valentine’s/Single’s awareness day! since we finished our bake week recently, we haven’t had much time to experiment with new products or flavors, and this past week was spent testing.


after feeling nostalgic after celebrating lunar new year with my family, i wanted to make an almond pastry. almond sweets have been among my favorite growing up and usually were only available during lunar new year. so, for February, we’re bringing two products that embrace almond flavors and textures. 


* we’re making almond sweetheart cakes and almond mooncakes! *


we’ve found that the flakey crust of the sweetheart cake and the tender HK mooncake crust that envelopes this almond-forward filling offers different experiences and mouth-feel. our almond filling is fragrant with textural contrasts from the toasted almond pieces and the creamy almond paste. both pastries are (accidentally) vegan!


because we couldn’t decide which to offer, this month’s offering will be a combo box with both mooncakes and sweetheart cakes. we’d love to get your feedback on which you liked more so that we can include it in our future offerings!


the order form is open now until Saturday, Feb 4th at 6pm EST, with both shipping and pickup available for fulfillment. please note that we will be taking a baking break for the month of march, so this will be the last ordering period until April’s bake period.


whether marking the end of the lunar new year, celebrating and treating yourself to some self-love, or enjoying snacks with your favorite person(s), we hope you’ll buy some! and, as always, thank you for your continued support!

Mon, 30 Jan 2023

feb 2023 - stay tuned!

hey everyone! 

we're delaying our order page opening for February until later this weekend, since we're still doing test bakes & taste testing! getting this right is incredibly important to us, to make sure you're happy with the options for this coming month. 

thank you for your patience & your continued support! we will update this page, send an email, and update our social media pages (facebook | instagram) when the order form is open!


Thurs, 26 Jan 2023

jan 2023

hello and happy new year, friends!


we hope you had a joyful and restful holiday season, despite all the cold that hit the continental us! it’s hard to believe that it’s already the start to 2023, and lunar new year is right around the corner. we had a fantastic 2022 thanks to all of you and your support (check some of our numbers below!) – we’re looking forward to what 2023 has to bring!


every lunar new year is an opportunity to celebrate and spend time with family for us. sweets are eaten as a symbol of an easy and prosperous (a sweet) year, and children wish their parents and elder family members good health and fortune. of course, there’s the gifting of red envelopes, too!


we’re opening our order form on wed, jan 04 at noon in preparation for the lunar new year! this month, we are offering the following: 


more details can be found on our order form, which will be open until fri, jan 13 at noon. orders will be filled the week of jan 16th, with pickup options and shipping and delivery available across the us.


happy new year and happy year of the rabbit!

Wed, 04 Jan 2023

get ready for Lunar New Year 2023 - Year of the Rabbit! 

dec 2022

if you’re seeing this, you’ve probably survived the Thanksgiving Holiday! all joking aside, we hope that you had a well-spent quality-time with your loved ones, with lots of good food and memories!


as for us, we’re gearing up for the winter holiday season – please see below for more information!


for December, we are offering Taiwanese pineapple cakes or purchase! these tarts are great treats for friend and family holiday gatherings and for gifting! for those who aren’t familiar with our rendition of this childhood snack, we start with whole pineapples and strawberries and reduce it down to a sticky, caramelized filling and wrap it in a buttery, slightly savory, short crust. unlike the commercially available ones, we don’t dilute the fruit with any fillers and don’t add any artificial preservatives.


our order form is open on Cyber Mon, Nov 28, at noon EST. you can find the order form at https://bangnyou.square.site! the order form will be open until Friday, Dec 9th, and we are fulfilling orders on the weekend of Dec 16th. nationwide shipping & local pickup options are available.


on Sun, Dec 18, we will also be at the Bethesda Central Farmers’ Market! we will have a limited number of tarts and cakes available for purchase, if you miss out on the pre-orders.

Sat, 26 Nov 2022

nov 2022

thanks for your support for October and for our debut of the sweetheart cakes and crisps! based on your feedback, they were well received, which is exciting for us because we have many more flavor ideas for these! 


it’s a short note for this month – we’re taking a baking break for the month of November and gearing up for the winter holiday season in December. our order form for the winter holiday season will open on Mon, Nov 28 at noon EST (yay, Cyber Monday)! 

this link is a calendar invitation to add to your calendar as a reminder!


we’ll be reaching back out that Thanksgiving weekend to remind you about our order forms, and will let you know what we’ll be offering! (hint: it involves pineapples 😊)


have a great November and Happy Thanksgiving!

Tues, 01 Nov 2022

nov 2022 - voting!

as children of immigrants, we know voting is incredibly important to any democracy - so we’re offering a 10% discount on our upcoming December orders to those who voted!

to qualify:

Fri, 04 Nov 2022

oct 2022

happy fall! in the DC Area, summer left us really quickly – nights have gotten chilly and it seems like everyone is offering something pumpkin spiced!


this month, we’re doing things a bit more experimental and offering the following:


yes, we’re doing the autumn theme, too! for those who didn’t know, pumpkin is a pretty common ingredient that you’ll find in other Chinese pastries, but we’re forgoing the pumpkin spice. this mooncake will be only offered seasonally, and we’ll be locally sourcing our pumpkins from Butler’s Orchard! there will be a limited number of these available.


sweetheart cake, otherwise known as a 老婆餅 is traditionally filled with a taro paste or sweetened wintermelon. this pastry has a typically flakier crust – between a phyllo and puff pastry. we think it pairs well with a pecan pie type filling – a rich pecan filling with textural difference of the flaky crust and the toasted pecans.


lastly, with the cooler weather, it’s a time we like to gather with our friends and family indoors over wine and tea, that we often pair with cheese, a staple in our fridge. for those of us who are lactose-tolerant (or the masochists who are lactose-intolerant), we’re offering a cracker for your charcuterie board! lightly sweetened, we’re making an oolong tea and walnut crisp – the tannins from the tea and walnuts will balance the richness from the cheese.


our order form will open on Saturday, Oct 15 at noon EST. you can find it through our website: http://bangnyou.com. our fulfillment date(s) will be the weekend of Oct 28, with locations at North Bethesda and at the NoVA Central Farm Market (only on Oct 30!). of course, we will be offering shipping across the US. our Square site for ordering can be a bit finicky, so if you’re encountering any problems, please do not hesitate to let us know! for fulfillment in North Bethesda, we will be sending out further instructions for pickup closer to the fulfillment date


thank you for your support!  

Saturday, 15 Oct 2022

sep 2022

we are featured in this week's Central Farm Market's blog!

an excerpt: 

"...This mooncake blasted my tastebuds into orbit. Ethereal. Luscious. Each week I scoured the vendor list to see if they had returned and when they did, I scored another one, a different flavor--lotus paste, equally delicious as my first.

'We’ll be back in time for the Mid-Autumn Festival...'"

continue reading here: https://www.centralfarmmarkets.com/blog/mooncake-season

Thurs, 01 Sept 2022

if you didn't get to pre-order our mooncakes...

there are still two more opportunities to get our mooncakes before Mid-Autumn Festival this year! 

mark your calendars for the following two events! 

1. Bethesda Central Farm Market - Sunday, September 04, 2022, 9a-1p
location - Montgomery Farm Women's Cooperative Market (7155 Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814)

2. Mid-Autumn Festival Community Day - Saturday, September 10, 2022, 10a-4p
held at The Chinese American Museum in DC
(1218 16th St NW, Washington, D.C., DC 20036)

this is a free event filled with festivities for all ages. come celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with mooncakes & tea, tai chi, lantern crafts, face painting, and more! check their website for more information:

we will have the following flavors available for sale: 

hope to see you there!

Mon, 29 Aug 2022

aug 2022

we hope you’re staying cool in the dog days of summer! it’s August so it means that mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival are right around the corner! please read through because we’re implementing some new processes this time around!


our order form is a new format!

we’re using our Square online market to make things a bit more streamlined this time, so don’t be alarmed when our website redirects you to our Square site. preorders are available at http://bangnyou.square.site.


there are two ordering periods!

the overall ordering period will be from Mon, Aug 08, starting at 12p to Sun, Aug 21, at 8pm EST. we are splitting up our order period into two subperiods.


first period orders:

orders placed by Sat, Aug 13, 12p EST will be fulfilled by Mon, Sept 05. orders placed during this period that are shipped are guaranteed to arrive by Sat, Sept 10 (if there are no major courier, illness, or weather phenomena delays).


second period orders:

orders placed from the end of the first period to Sun, Aug 21 will be fulfilled by Fri, Sept 09.


we have 6 options for mooncake flavors!

all boxes of mooncakes will contain four (4) large mooncakes

we’re offering 6 flavors this year –

there will be a limited number of single flavor boxes.


we’re also offering two variety boxes this year, our Classic and Neo-Traditional variety boxes. 

the Classic Box has 1 of each of the following:  


the Neo-Traditional Box has 1 of each of the following:  


(allergen note: our mooncakes are made with wheat flour, and some flavors contain peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, sesame, flower pollen, & coconut. we make all of them in a facility that handles wheat flour, eggs, dairy, peanuts, & tree nuts.)


limited quantities are available!

because we’re still a small team, we’re only offering an overall limited number of boxes of mooncakes this year. we’ll be limiting the number of mooncakes available during each ordering period. we offer domestic shipping in the lower 48 states, so if you’re planning on shipping mooncakes, we can ship them for you (if you order during the first period)!


we have multiple windows for fulfillment!

pickups -

here are the pickup windows:

pickup windows in North Bethesda

pickup window in Bethesda

check CFM’s website for exact location - https://www.centralfarmmarkets.com/bethesda

*possible locations include:


please note that we will be unable to fulfill orders on the day of Sat, Sept 10 (Mid-Autumn Festival Day). additionally, we will not attend the NoVA Central Farm Market on Sun, Sept 11.


shipping/delivery -

for mooncake shipments to arrive outside the DMV area, please place your orders during the first period. if you live in Virginia or DC and are unable to make these fulfillment dates for pickup, we will be able to fill your orders via delivery (please pick the shipping option), even during the second ordering period!


here’s the order link, again: http://bangnyou.square.site



as always, thank you for all your support and for choosing our mooncakes for this holiday!

Fri, 05 Aug 2022

july 2022

we're taking a break for July from baking as we get ready for Mid-Autumn Festival on Sep 10! 

we'll be opening up our order form on Aug 8 and more information will follow around that date to get your orders for pick-up and for shipment or delivery! 

thanks for your patience and for your support!

Mon, 25 Jul 2022

june 2022

happy Pride month! for Pride, we will be offering the following creations for pre-order and at our next farmer's market: 

mark your calendars! our next market will be at Bethesda Central Farm Market (at Bethesda ES - 7600 Arlington Blvd) on Sun, Jun 26, from 9a-1p

in honor of Pride month, we will donate 25% of profits from all our sales this month to LGBTQI+ charities

we recognize the importance of being seen & heard and realize that LGBTQI+ advocacy work is never done. for this month’s pre-orders, we will list 5 charities at the end of our order form and customers can select the charity/charities to donate (we will allocate donations according to the percentages of voting results). these are the charities we will be contributing to:

to fund crucial suicide prevention tools like the Trevor Lifeline, the only 24/7 suicide prevention helpline explicitly aimed at LGBTQ+ youth

to connect mentors and mentees in the LGBTQ+ community through digital tools

to provide emergency housing, transitional living accommodations, trans-affirming health services, educational resources and job training for LGBTQ+ young people

to advance the civil rights of transgender people, working to advocate for awareness and equality through media campaigns and public policy

to provide training programs for senior care centers to create an affirming, inclusive environment & to match LGBT elders with affordable housing where they will be welcomed

our pre-orders are now open and can be found here @ http://bangnyou.com/order!
thank you for all your continued support!

Fri, 10 Jun 2022

may 2022

whew! it's hard to believe it's already May - we finished our first farmers' market on May 01 in Bethesda, with Central Farm Markets - thank you to everyone who came out to support us and it was also great meeting new people who came up to our tent! 

our limited pre-orders are now open and will be fulfilled at our next market event at Marshall High School on May 22! if you're unable to grab a guaranteed preorder, we'll be selling our fare in-person at the NoVA Central Farm Market on Sunday, May 22. 

don't forget - we're now able to ship across the continental US/lower 48 states!

in honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, we're paying homage to a traditional and nostalgic mooncake flavor - lotus seed paste. we're also doing a butter mochi cake and will be offering a pandan variety on it, too! 

our pre-orders are now open and can be found here @ http://bangnyou.com/menu/order!
thank you for all your continued support!

Mon, 09 May 2022

apr 2022

happy Earth Month! 

first off, some news - we're at a few farmers' markets now! we will be popping-in, one time a month, between the Bethesda & NoVA Central Farm Markets. we'll be aligning our pop-ins with our bake periods so come find us in person at the markets! you can find our exact locations and dates on our calendar - please come and support us!

this month we're offering a spin on our Taiwanese Pineapple cakes - blue turtle mango tarts! much like our pineapple cakes, these are made with fresh mangoes, caramelized to make our filling jammy and tangy sweet. they're enveloped in a slightly sweet and savory buttery crust. in honor of Earth Month, their blue hue comes from butterfly blue pea flower. we're only offering a limited number of boxes for these tarts, and these will also be available at our farmers' market stand!

additionally, because it's our debut into the Bethesda Farmers' Market, we will be reintroducing our black sesame mooncakes, and a surprise snack bag for pre-ordering. the snack is spicy and savory, which departs from our normal sweets, and we're gonna give a try this month - we are excited for you to give this a try! 

our pre-orders are now open and can be found here @ http://bangnyou.com/menu/order!
get yours today, and thank you for all your continued support!

Thurs, 14 Apr 2022