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mochi | 年糕
vegetarian | gluten-free | dairy, egg

used with permission from @denisevanphotos

紅豆年糕 | red bean butter mochi
rich, chewy, & delicate

烏龍年糕 | oolong butter mochi
delicate with milk tea flavors

tarts |
vegetarian | dairy, wheat, egg

鳳梨酥 | Taiwanese pineapple cake
pineapple-forward, tangy, & buttery

紅蓮酥 | scarlet lotus
caramelized strawberries with matcha shortcrust

藍龜| mango
zesty caramelized mango in buttery crust

candy | 糖果

雪QQ餅 | snowflake QQ crisp
QQ, milky, & balanced

southeast Asian treats | 東南小食
vegetarian | dairy

木薯餅 | bánh khoai mì nướng
(cassava cake)
sweet & milky with strong coconut flavor

crisps | 酥脆

vegetarian | dairy, wheat, tree nuts

oolong & walnut crisps
lightly sweet, nutty , & tannin-y

genmaicha crisp
jasmine green tea with toasted rice, fruit, & nuts

sweetheart cakes | 老婆餅

vegetarian or vegan | wheat, sometimes dairy, sometimes eggs

胡桃 | pecan
buttery, nutty, custardy with a flaky crust

杏仁 | almond (vegan)
fragrant, nutty with a flaky crust

芋頭 | taro (vegan)
fragrant & taro-y with a soft, flaky crust

mooncakes | 月餅
vegan | dairy, wheat

蓮蓉 | lotus paste
notes of caramel & toasted sugar

黑芝麻 | black sesame
nutty with hints of cacao & coffee

椰絲豆 | coconut mung bean
silky & coconutty with vanilla touches

玫瑰芋 | rose taro
fragrant & floral

榛巧克力 | hazelnut cacao
fragrantly toasted with dark cacao

紅寶玉 | ruby jade
pandan scented adzuki paste

天照 | amaterasu
Sichuan spices with sweet peanuts

caramelized miso & toasted cashews

南瓜 | pumpkin
sweet with toffee-like texture

杏仁 | almond
fragrant, nutty

 黃紅豆 | kinako-adzuki
velvety, nutty, fragrant

pistachio matcha mooncake
nutty, with pleasant vegetal notes

savory inspirations | 小食

椒鹽芋片 |  taro chips
Taiwanese popcorn chicken spices (vegetarian)

all designs, patterns, and decorations are subject to change without notice all mooncakes do not contain salted eggs or meatnot all menu items are readily available at all times of the year - please check our order form for pre-order options

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